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Hikkaduwa has long been among the most popular of Sri Lanka's beach spots. Its proximity to the capital (98km from the Fort) helps – many people come here direct from the airport to start their classic Asian beach holiday. And it's got a definite fun vibe, especially at its southern end, where there are dozens of affordable guesthouses built along a beautiful stretch of wide beach. At night, backpackers wander the sand from one café to the next, enjoying the sunset and the pleasures beyond.
Hikkaduwa Coral Gardens
The Coral Garden in Hikkaduwa is considered to be the best out of all such coral gardens found in Asia. There is a reef of lime stones running parallel to the coast. The corals are in between this line of lime stones and the coast. The sea up to about 200 m from the coast is very shallow. The reef of lime stones protects the corals from high tide. The coral type found mostly here is the type locally called "Gampara". These corals are found in various forms , shapes and colours. They are a very fascinating sight especially when there is bright sunlight which gives a very clearer view of the corals. You see some corals in the shape of a cabbage leaf; some are like a lady's fan. Since there is no silt, corals can grow in their natural form and colour
Surfing in Hikkaduwa
Hikkaduwa is best surfing spots in Sri Lanka , with a clear warm water base . The wave sizes range from 4-11 feet. The surfing in the Hikkaduwa region is quite well known and gets the best surf during its dry season, November to March. There are 4 main breaks. From North to South.
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